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Power Supply Modules (PSM) for EM2000 locomotive electronics

The locomotives with EM2000 electronics are increasingly looking for more aftermarket products to replace damaged or old ones, after some thought and considerations, we decided to start manufacturing our take on one of the main parts for these electronics, the Power Supply Modules (PSM)

As an example of what we where able to accomplish, here is some information for the PSM320, part number 40042256.


The locomotive computer system, feedback sensor devices, and the radar transceiver all receive operating power from the PSM320 power supply module, which runs on PRG module output power.

The PSM320 features three or f

our indicator lights on the front panel:

• 15P (Green): Denotes that the module's +15 VDC output is operational.

• 15N (Green): Signals that the module's -15 VDC output is operational.

• FAULT (Red): This indicates that this module, as well as one or both of the other PSM modules, have one or more of the following module faults:

Overcurrent Output

Electro-Motive Diesel Inc., General Electric Corporation, Henschel, and Alstom are registered trademark holders of the names EMD, GE, Henschel, and Alstom. Upper Canada Railway Services is neither an authorized distributor for the aforementioned businesses nor is it connected to them in any other way. The models or part numbers for EMD®, GE®, Henschel®, and Alstom® that are mentioned in our publications are only used to identify certain products.

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