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Who are we

Our history

Tecnoiris was founded on 1984 with the objective to be located between the main manufacturers and rebuilders of electronic equipment for locomotives.


Up to now Tecnoiris continues fighting for maintaining the place that has earned inside the railway field. Due to the demands of this field we have had the need to take a continuous training in the electronics, mechanics and electromechanics fields.

One of our core buisness has been the repair line for diverse components and equipment. Our most frequent repairs being: contactors, diode banks, inverters, dynamic brake switches among others. Besides the manufacture and repair of cards, modules, regulators, panels, etc. Of several well known brands (GE, EMD, ALCO).

Nowdays we have become a strong manufacturer for new OEM equipment that tries to mantain the original designs as close as possible so you are able to use your own spare parts. Tecnoiris has a strict control of all its processes to give a quality service to our clients.

Tecnoiris ISO Certificate for manufacturing and rebuilding diesel electric locomotive spare parts:

Image by Antoine Beauvillain
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